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Wellness Plans

We have developed an annual prepaid wellness program specifically designed to provide you with peace of mind knowing that all of your horse’s health care needs are taken care of. We make it even easier by calling you to schedule your vaccines, dental and health check ups.

Enrolling in the plan is simple and saves you 10% on all items included in the package. As a bonus additional services required throughout the year will also receive a 5% discount (such as emergencies, exams, consultations, products, call fees etc.). 

General Package

  • Yearly Spring Vaccines – West Nile Virus, Eastern/Western Equine Encephalitis and Tetanus, Rabies, Rhino/Flu
  • Fall Vaccine - Rhino/Flu Booster
  • Health Exam – with vaccines to evaluate your horse’s temperature, heart, lungs and body condition.
  • Routine Dentistry with Powerfloat including basic sedation
  • Wellness Bloodwork – The Wellness Bloodwork Profile is helpful for two reasons. The first is to establish your horse’s baseline values. In case of future illness we have a record of what normal looks like. Secondly, it helps us identify if there is an indication that your horse may be suffering from an illness.

General Package Pricing: $480/year (taxes and call fees extra)
The average wellness plan participant saves over $150 throughout the year

Comprehensive Package

General Package Plus:

  • Pre-Season Soundness Evaluation – We will evaluate your horse’s joints, tendons and back as well as watch your horse on the lunge and perform flexion tests. This evaluation can help us identify potential soundness issues that may be impeding your horse’s comfort and performance. Early awareness of a problem can help us advise you on the best way to treat your horse so they are happy, sound and ready for the show season
  • Imaging Credit – $100 credit that can be used within the calendar year toward xray or ultrasound imaging

Comprehensive Package Pricing: $570/year (taxes and call fees extra)
The average wellness plan participant saves over $150 throughout the year

Sign Up Now! The plan runs from January 1st to December 31st, 2019. 
Sign up anytime during the calendar year – take advantage early to reap the benefits for the entire year.

** Split Payments** Payments can be split into two equal monthly payments – to take advantage of this, a credit card must be on file for automatic withdrawal on predetermined dates. 

Wellness Plan Quick Reference Guide

x- included in the plan