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Veterinarians - Ali Miletic, MVB

Veterinarians - Andrea Dubé, DVM

Veterinarians - Jim Welsh, DVM

Veterinarians - Kathryn Surasky, DVM

Veterinarians - Kyle Goldie, DVM

Veterinarians - Maggie Turner, DVM

Veterinarians - Marisa Markey, DVM

Veterinarians - Melissa McKee, DVM

Veterinarians - Mike Pownall, DVM

Veterinarians - Samantha Molson, DVM

Veterinarians - Tovah Caldwell, DVM

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Pre-Purchase Exam- Part 1
"Pre-Purchase Exam- Part 1"
Understanding Flexion Tests
"Understanding Flexion Tests"
Understanding the Pre-Purchase Exam Part 2
"Understanding the Pre-Purchase Exam Part 2"