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Veterinarians - Ali Miletic, MVB

Veterinarians - Andrea Dubé, DVM

Veterinarians - Jim Welsh, DVM

Veterinarians - Kathryn Surasky, DVM

Veterinarians - Kyle Goldie, DVM

Veterinarians - Maggie Turner, DVM

Veterinarians - Marisa Markey, DVM

Veterinarians - Melissa McKee, DVM

Veterinarians - Samantha Molson, DVM

Veterinarians - Tovah Caldwell, DVM

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How To Give IM Injections

There are many medications that can be injected into the muscle in horses. Injections have the advantage of more reliable dosing and absorption than with oral medications, without the increased risk and challenge of the intravenous approach.

What do Complete Blood Count and Chemistry Profile terms mean?

You have had your horse’s blood tested & may be curious as to what it all means. The following table contains a brief explanation of the Complete Blood Count (CBC) and Chemistry Profile...

What guidelines can you offer for feeding my geriatric horse?

Older horses often have difficulty in maintaining an optimal bodyweight, and suffer from a gradual loss of body condition as they age.

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There is an App for that!

July 23, 2012

Do you have an iPhone or an iPad? We have created an app for horse owners as a resource for information on equine health care and veterinary medicine. It provides answers to commonly asked questions about equine health management and veterinary care, divided in intuitive groupings that make it easy to find the information you are looking for. In addition, there are sections covering what is normal and what constitutes an equine health emergency. There are "how to" videos available. Interesting c

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Colic Exam
"Colic Exam"
Equine Dentistry
"Equine Dentistry"
Why We Recommend Splitting Vaccination Visits
"Why We Recommend Splitting Vaccination Visits"