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Skilled podiatry is an essential component of the treatment of laminitis, navicular syndrome, quarter cracks, and other foot related lameness.

Some foot procedures such as hoof crack resection, debridement of infection, soft tissue prolapse, and foot surgery require a combination of a veterinarian and a farrier.

Lameness and Shoeing


A significant amount of equine lameness problems can be attributed directly to the hoof and structures within. Once a foot issue is identified and diagnosed, shoeing prescriptions can be created for the horse. We are happy to communicate with your farrier to provide advice on optimal shoeing. Podiatry consultations are also available.


Our digital radiography system enables us to perform on-screen computer measurements of foot x-rays. This allows us to determine internal angles and distance relationships within the hoof, which guide the trimming and placement of the shoe, as well as providing a baseline for future progress evaluations. Specilaized radiographic imgaing teechniques such as venograms are used in certain cases to determine the viability of the circulation and tissues within the hoof. This is very useful for determining the appropriate treatment and prognosis, particularly in laminitic horses.  Our Campbellville location also hosts Canada’s only standing MRI system, enabling us to quickly and safely obtain diagnostic images of the internal bone and soft tissue structures within the hoof. These imaging modalities help us to reach a specific daignosis for the cause of foot related lameness, and determine the best treatment and shoeing techniques on an individual basis.

Vet/Farrier Day

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