The Royal Hunter-Jumper Groom's Award 2019

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This is a national award presented annually at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair to the Groom who has consistently demonstrated dedication to horse welfare, care and presentation during the 2019 competition season.

Professional Equine Grooms are a valuable asset to both the equine veterinary and horse showing communities. We feel it is important to showcase the importance and impact Equine Grooms have on the industry, and the valuable role they play in the health and maintenance of our equine partners.

Nominations for Class 141 THE ROYAL HUNTER-JUMPER GROOM’S AWARD should be based upon the following criteria:

  • The Groom places the welfare and care of the horse first, managing the horse as though they are part of their family.
  • The Groom is in tune to what is normal for each horse and can assess when a horse “isn’t quite right”. Changes in the health or behaviour of the horse are noticed and addressed in a timely manner. Examples include eating or drinking less, changes in manure or urine production, an altered gait when lunged or ridden, or signs of stress when travelling or showing.
  • The Groom follows a schedule that is best for the horse.
  • The Groom has excellent time management and organization skills, so that the day runs smoothly.
  • The Groom works well with their peers, is organized and accommodating for appointments involving their veterinarian, farrier, chiropractor etc.


  • Nominee must be a full-time professional groom.

Nomination Procedures

  • Email completed nomination forms to
  • Nominations must be complete. All e-mailed nominations will be confirmed.
  • Candidates for this award can be nominated by their clients, riders, owners, colleagues, veterinarians, farriers or other industry professionals
  • Completed nomination forms must bereceived by October 1, 2019 at 8:00 am
  • The winning groom will be notified no later than October 30, 2019

Voting Procedure:

  • Once qualified nominees are submitted by October 1st, MPES representatives will evaluate nominees and select a core group to be voted on based on merit, number of nominations and other criteria.
  • Voting will be online and opened to the public to determine the overall winner.
  • Voting will commence as soon as possible after nominations close.
  • Voting will close Monday, October 28th at 8:00 am.
  • Each person can vote one time.


  • Saturday, November 2nd 2019 - Evening Performances
  • The winner will be notified by October 30th and will be required for presentation at ceremonies.
  • Dress code in effect
  • No horse/pony required
  • Award kindly sponsored by McKee-Pownall Equine Services, Ontario, Canada

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