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Dr. Natalia Novoa

April 28, 2011

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Natalia Novoa to the McKee-Pownall team! Dr. Novoa was born in Nashville, Tennessee and raised in Columbia; she speaks fluently in both English and Spanish. Dr. Novoa will be based out of our Newmarket practice and will be spending the majority of her time at horse shows throughout the summer. She is an experienced veterinarian who has been practicing in both Ontario and Florida over the past number of years with a focus on equine athletes including lameness exams, pre-purchase exams, mesotherapy, chiropractic adjustments and preventive health care.

We are really excited about the opportunity to offer our clients her chiropractic services as well as provide some of our unique services to her current client base. Dr. Novoa is married to Roberto Teran who is a trainer and Grand prix jumper rider and they are expecting their first child this summer. Dr. Novoa is planning to take some time off between June and August, but is planning to return to work for us until the Royal Winter Fair at which time she will head back to Florida.