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Prascend (Pergolide mesylate) is now approved for use in Canada.

March 28, 2014

We are pleased to announce that Prascend (Pergolide mesylate) is now approved for use in Canada.  Prascend is the gold standard for the treatment of Equine Cushing’s disease and can be used in place of the current compounded pergolide formulation, which until now was our only option for management of this disease.  While we have enjoyed fairly consistent results in the past with compounded pergolide, these formulations tend to be unstable and can have less precise concentrations, leading to a shortened shelf life and unpredictable reliability.  With the licensed version Prascend, you have a guaranteed accuracy of dose that remains consistent over the life of the product.  This results in better control of the disease and improvement of clinical signs.  Prascend comes in a 1mg tablet, which is the average once-a-day dose for most horses.  We would encourage anyone with a horse on pergolide to consider switching to Prascend.  This is especially important if the Cushings is poorly controlled or if the horse is on more than 1mg per day.  Please call your local clinic for pricing and to see if Prascend is the right choice for your horse.