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McKee-Pownall Groom's Classes 2019

Our Groom's classes at the Caledon Equestrian Park are quickly approaching. If you plan on enteriing please download a copy of our entry form and deliver it to the mailbox at our on-site trailer. The mailbox is available for drop off 24/7 and is located just in front of the door. 

Don't miss out on this year's new and improved prizes and prize money will be placed in each class as follows. Special thank you to all of this year's sponsors for their support!

1st $500 2nd $300 3rd $200 4th $100 5th $75 6th $50 7th $50 8th $50 9th $50 10th $25
Judging Criteria:

Turnout of Horse
-The horse should be tacked up in full, ring ready attire, to walk into their respective show ring.
- Each horse should have weather permitting attire, whether that be a scrim, rain sheet, etc.
- Hunters should be braided. Jumper braids are optional.
- Groom should look tidy, with a collared shirt.
- European rules are accepted, for example, not trimming whiskers.
- Horses are not to be judged on conformation. Each Groom is to be judged on bringing out the best attributes of their presented horse, and for presenting their horses as the winners they are, despite their age, conformation, division etc

Grooming Box
- Groom has all of the essential items in their ring bag/ grooming box and is prepared for any situation.

- Judges reserve the right to ask questions of entrants