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How To Apply a Sugardine Foot Bandage

Why Do This?

Sugardine both toughens and disinfects a foot. It is useful after a course of poulticing to harden the foot and to continue fighting infection. It also helps horses with bruised/sore feet.


You will need the following items:

  • Betadine Solution
  • White sugar
  • Disposable diaper (Newborn size fits an average horse)
  • Duct Tape
  • 1/2-1 roll Vetrap
  • Scissors
  • Helper
"Apply a Sugardine Bandage"

How To

The horse should be on a clean dry surface, and the foot picked out and brushed off.

Make a 6x6 inch square duct tape pad, by overlapping several strips of tape and laying a second slightly overlapping layer on top, perpendicular to the first layer.

Gradually stir Betadine into about 1 cup of table sugar until you reach a thick porridge consistency. Pour this mixture into the "baby" side of the diaper.

Have your assistant pick up the foot.

Apply the diaper to the sole of the foot, and attach the adhesive strips around the sides of the hoof.

Wrap around the foot and well up into the pastern area with the Vetrap. The bandage should be snug, but you should be able to fit a finger in the top. This keeps the bandage secure and prevents bedding from getting in.

Apply the duct tape pad to the sole, folding the edges up over the hoof wall. Wrap more duct tape around the rim of the hoof, to secure the free edges. More duct tape can be applied around the toe as the bandage frays over time.

Put the foot down and check the tightness of the bandage at the pastern. Notch the top with scissors if required. Some of the Betadine mixture may ooze out.

This bandage typically survives stall rest and walking on soft surfaces, but a boot should be applied over top for turnout.

Replace the bandage daily during the treatment process. If you have any questions, please contact us.